Revolutionizing Buying and Selling

PhoenixMart connects manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers directly to thousands of buyers around the country and across the globe.

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PhoenixMart is a comprehensive sourcing marketplace that combines worldwide variety of quality products at competitive prices in one convenient location.



Sellers at PhoenixMart are connected to thousands of manufacturers, materials suppliers and service providers that shorten the supply chain while improving transaction capacity and customer satisfaction.

PhoenixMart adds value through four key solutions:

  • Building Brands
  • Growing Sales
  • Leveraging E-Commerce
  • Distributing Efficiently


Buyers at PhoenixMart benefit from the variety of products, the connections and relationships built, and the convenience of it all in one location.

The PhoenixMart product selection is divided into six major categories:

  • Home & Hotel
  • Auto & Industrial
  • Food & Beverage
  • Office & Recreation
  • Fashion & Variety
  • Electronics & Accessories


PhoenixMart is open year-round and welcomes visitors to a variety of events taking place daily, weekly, and annually.



Tenant Suites are open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.. Extended hours for City Walk, Lobby, VIP Club and Buyer Lounge, Conference Center and Rooms, Entertainment and Social Events as well as Restaurants and Food Court.

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Weekly Trade Shows and Expos


Major events include weekly Trade Shows and Conventions in each of the six major product categories, Business Forums, Training and Product Launch Seminars, Special Industry Events, as well as numerous Festivals and Promotional Activities.

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Trade Show


PhoenixMart remains busy year-round with numerous Trade Shows, Expos, Business Forums, Seminars, Product Launches, Festivals, Entertainment and National and International Conventions and Exhibitions.

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Business Services

PhoenixMart offers a comprehensive array of on-site as well as off-site business services available to serve the business needs of our tenants and their customers. Service providers are thoroughly vetted and selected through an application and approval process.

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Tenant & Product Directory

PhoenixMart gives visitors the ability to find any product at any quantity for any price. Our tenant directory is one way to negotiate the thousands of suppliers, products and categories offered at PhoenixMart.

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Leveraged E-Commerce

Leverage E-Commerce

PhoenixMart tenants can be found both offline (in-person within PhoenixMart) and online through our Interactive E-Commerce Marketplace. Through the use of cutting-edge technology PhoenixMart has developed a unique model that seamlessly blends both spaces beautifully.


Distribution & Logistics

PhoenixMart is designed with an onsite logistics center to meet the business needs of each tenant.  The logistics center and experts at PhoenixMart will help you transport any order anywhere in the world with ease.  PhoenixMart can also arrange warehousing, inventory management, cargo transportation and customs clearance.