Welcome to the Western Hemisphere's most complete product sourcing marketplace

Located 30 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, PhoenixMart is the premier product sourcing marketplace with over 1.5 million square feet and 1,752 premium showroom suites. When complete, visitors will have the opportunity to purchase finished goods and products, raw materials and supplies from thousands of international and domestic businesses. Access to the world’s leading manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers saves companies money while shortening their supply chain. Serving as a hub for buyers and sellers from around the globe, PhoenixMart will also host meetings, major trade events, and seminars.


Business Commerce, Evolved.

PhoenixMart provides access to a worldwide selection of goods
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America's Product Sourcing Marketplace

  • Multi-industry B2B product sourcing center
  • Over 2,000 businesses in one convenient location
  • 1.5+ million square ft. marketplace located in Casa Grande, AZ.
  • 1st Class business services for both buyers and sellers
  • Global manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers & material suppliers
  • Widest product selection in Western Hemisphere