Wholesale Marketplace Evolution


Opening 2015

What is PhoenixMart?

We are one of the largest single level trade centers in the U.S. spanning nearly three American football fields wide and nearly six football fields long. This 585-acre master-planned community including a 1.5-million-square-foot, multi-functional products center and 4-million-square-feet of support facilities is excited to welcome tenants and customers from North America and beyond.

At PhoenixMart, our goal is to connect thousands of North American manufacturers and distributors with domestic and global buyers. With the widest selection of industries and products available in one location, visitors and tenants are guaranteed to find quality products at competitive prices.

A Destination Global Sourcing City

PhoenixMart is the most comprehensive wholesale buying venue in the western hemisphere. It has been designed with the highest standards of ease, efficiency and variety demanded by today’s buyers. PhoenixMart is the go-to place for sourcing products from six key product segments:







1.7 Million Square Feet Under 1 Roof – Plus an additional 4 million square feet of office space, hotel, warehousing, and retail space. PhoenixMart is a master planned community with plenty of amenities throughout for both the exhibitor and buyer.

Partners of PhoenixMart

  • Phoenix Mart is a unique endeavor that will provide our company with unheard of marketing potential and the possibility for rapidly accelerated expansion. The exposure for our company’s product at your convention center is unmatched with any other venue we have considered.  It also struck us that since we are offering the lighting concepts of the future; we should be affiliated with the market place of the future. Our hope is that both our endeavors will enjoy a symbiotic relationship that will extend into the decades to come.
    Opto-Lighting Systems
    Chief Executive Officer
  • What I find most appealing about the Phoenix Mart is the global outlook to bring business into the state of Arizona. There are many different approaches towards building business and the Phoenix Mart is bringing it to our doorstep. No doubt that with the quality of the individuals representing the project that is going to be completed here next year; Phoenix Mart has taken great measures to do whatever it takes to provide a place where your business can grow.
    Barefoot Graphics
  • Purstate Water Solutions, LLC is excited to participate as a tenant and partner in the new PhoenixMart, located in Casa Grande, Arizona. Purstate Water Solutions has recently expanded from Canada to Casa Grande with a new, USA head office and facility. Purstate is introducing a new “Ultra Advance Oxidation” water purification process to the market. Purstate Water Solutions believes it has a great water purification product suitable for North America and the world. The PhoenixMart marketing and business concept is ideally suited for our company. Our product suits the layout of the lease space. It will provide world exposure to new customers and business opportunities. The business center will enable Purstate to be presented in a professional way and keep our overhead low. Purstate considers this a fantastic opportunity for its water purification product to be showcased in an international market place.

  • electronics&accessories
  • exhibit-hall
  • fashion&variety
  • food&beverage
  • home&hotel
  • industrial&auto
  • main-street
  • office&recreation
  • town-center